Air Conditioning servicing, repairs & regassing

Air conditioning inspections, servicing and regassing

Free pressure check before all gas refills

Air conditioning systems retain gas under high pressure which, if inhaled, could render you unconcious. So any work to your car's air conditioning system should really be carried out by a professional.

All air conditioning systems should be filled with R134a gas (EU rated and tested). It's the only legal gas permitted in your air conditioning system. Not that it stops some shady practitioners from using non-inert and cheaper gasses or indeed including them in DIY recharge kits on notable online auction websites. A very dangerous practice.

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The gas in your air conditioning system will need refilling from time to time. If this is required too frequently, you've probably got a leak somewhere. We can use detection dyes, UV light inspections and gas wand detection tools to find the source of the problem.

Before we attempt to refill your air conditioning system with gas, we'll run a pressure check for free. This means we don't need to charge you for wasted gas should you have a leak.

Thanks Mike. Summer has just got a whole lot more bareable now my air con is working again! Thanks for the quick turn around as well. Much appreciated.

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How much does an air conditioning service and gas refill cost?

We charge just £83.33 +VAT (£100 inc VAT) to service your air conditioning system and refill with new gas (including the detection dye and lubrication oil).

What's included in your air con service?

After carrying out an initial gas test to check for contamination, we inspect and test all components with the air conditioning system running. Running pressures and temperatures are checked before removing the refrigerant from the system. We then pressurise the system to check for any leaks.

If there are no leaks, we vacuum out all of the gas in the system and add lubrication oil to prevent corrosion. It is our practice to add ultraviolet dye at this point to help trace any future leaks before recharging the system with refrigerant R134a as per the vehicle manufacturer’s specification. Finally, before returning the vehicle to you, we reassess the AC system’s performance and check the temperature output in the vehicle.

Are you qualified to repair my air con system?

Repairs to all makes and models of vehicle air conditioning systems are carried out on site by a Sandy Lane Garage certified air conditioning technician and any necessary parts can be supplied on a same day basis.

We supply a full range of replacement parts such as compressors (air conditioning pump), condensers (air conditioning radiator), evaporators, receivers / dryers, plus all hoses and connectors.

What are the common faults with an air conditioning system?

The natural loss of refrigerant gas through seals during periods of inactivity is very common. When the system is not used for extended periods of time, for example throughout the winter months, the system doesn't lubricate the connecting seals which can then shrink and allow some of the pressurised refrigerant to leak from the system. This results in a system that will be less efficient or unable to dry and cool the incoming cabin air.

Total loss of the refrigerant gas is usually due to a more significant leak; most commonly caused by a component part failure e.g. a cracked hose. However, it can sometimes only take the level in the air conditioning to drop a little for the system to not activate at all.

Electrical faults can cause the system itself to shut down. An air conitioning system will use relays, pressure switches, fuses, connectors and cables which, if not functioning properly, can cause the system to stop working.

Air conditioning. It's not just for summer!

Air conditioning isn't just designed for use on hot and humid days in the summer months to keep us cool. In fact, it should be used all year around. Using your air conditioning in colder climates will help demist the vehicle windows quicker by passing de-humidified air over them, plus help maintain a healthy air conditioning system due to constant component lubrication. Regular use will also help to minimise the build up of bacteria which can cause lung problems and a bad odour in your car.

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