Car Brake Checks, Servicing Repairs and Upgraded Parts

Car brake servicing and safety checks carried out for all makes

Stay safe by keeping your brakes in good working order without breaking the budget

Brake checks and servicing are included in our standard car servicing packages. It's vital your brakes are kept in good working order. Not only will poor performing brakes fail an MOT, they could lead to more serious consequences.

Brake fluid will absorb water (it's a hygroscopic fluid). Unfortunately, water is much more compressible than brake fluid. So when this happens, your brakes will start to feel spongy and become much less effective. Not only is this a safety issue, but the water can also start to corrode your braking system parts (which can get quite expensive). That's why, before we top up your brake fluid, we will test it for water content.

Even though it's a quick and easy test, most garages won't check the water content (only the level). Typically, your brake fluid will need replacing every 2-3 years.

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Regular brake checks and maintenance will help you to avoid the costs of expensive parts. Our 102 point vehicle check includes the visual inspection of seals and hoses (looking for signs of brake fluid leakage or cracks) as well as signs of wear to any of your braking system components.

Our technicians are qualified to carry out any work your car's braking system may require - from the replacement of standard consumable parts (such as brake pads, hoses, shoes and fluid) to servicing brake calipers, master cyclinders, discs and drums.

Mike explained the work required clearly and gave an immediate and accurate quote. He was cheaper than my other quote from a local garage and carried out the work a couple of days later.

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Isn't it subjective whether my brakes are spongy or not?

Actually, no! We can test the braking force your car is able to produce with a quick test on our rolling road. This is how a VOSA approved MOT testing centre (such as our own on-site facility) will measure the performance of your brakes. The braking force measured can be compared to the manufacturer's specified tolerance level. This test also enables us to pick up on an imbalance in your brake system, ensuring your car's brakes are outputting even pressure to all four wheels.

How often should I have my brake system checked?

The demands placed on your vehicle's brake components will depend on the type of driving you do (motorway, urban or mixed) and your style of driving. If you use Sandy Lane Garage for your annual car service, checks of your braking system and brake fluid are carried out as standard (we like to keep our customers safe!).

What are the signs of wear to my brake components?

There are many different signs of wear and tear to your car's brakes. If you start to hear a noise or feel vibrations under braking, this could be a sign that your pads are excessivley worn or your brake discs may be warped or damaged.

If your car is beginning to pull to one side under braking, this is typically a sign of a braking imbalance (usually due to a sticking brake piston or poor performance of a particular brake caliper).

If you experience more travel in your brake pedal or spongy feedback under pressure, this is a sign that your brake fluid has absorbed water or you may have air trapped in your brake hoses. Any of these are common signs that you need your brakes to be inspected.

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