Car Electrical Diagnostics Error Codes and Fault Finding

Accurate and reliable electrical diagnostics systems

ECU Error Codes read, diagnosed and cleared

Seen a light come up on your dashboard? Whichever light it is, we've got the tools to diagnose the issue with your vehicle. We have the latest diagnostic software for all makes and models. Our software is updated every month to ensure our electronic diagnostic system is accurate and reliable, even for the latest and greatest car makes and models to hit the road.

Most modern vehicles contain an on-board computer called an Electronic Control Unit (ECU). We can read the errors stored on your car's ECU (which may not always result in a light appearing on your dashboard) and use our vast experience of various car brands to quickly diagnose the problem.

Whether your ECU has a fault or you have a simple sensor failure, we can find the problem with one of our diagnostic / investigation sessions. We only charge £50 +VAT and this includes up to an hour of workshop time. If the solution is simple and we can sort it within the hour, we won't charge you for anything other than the parts (agreed with yourself before fitting). We're not like main dealers who tend to charge a small fortune just to get access to their tools and then charge further on top for a simple fix.

Investigation of electrical fault needed? Call us on 01932 240 222

Whilst our electrical diagnostic tool caters for all makes and models of car or van, we also have specialist servicing equipment, tools and diagnostic computers for Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Mercedes and Volkswagen.

Collected my car and gave me a loan vehicle to get to an interview. Diagnosed and fixed it for a very good price and also washed my car.

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My dashboard warning light is only amber or flashing, is it really that important?

Potentially, yes. If you know there's an underlying problem, you don't want to wait until it gets worse. That could see you stranded or potentially worse, in an accident, sooner than you might think.

Will it pass an MOT with the dashboard light?

Any ABS (Anti-locking Brake System), ESP (Electronic Stability Program) or SRS (Safety Restraint System) warning light on your car's dashboard display is an automatic MOT failure accordingly to VOSA's industry standard MOT testing procedures. An engine management light on your dashboard will result in an advisory notice on your MOT certificate.

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