Car Exhausts & Catalytic Converters Serviced & Repaired in Surrey

Servicing, repair and replacement of exhaust system components

Exhaust systems, catalytic converters & lambda sensors

Your exhaust system is essentially a collection of metal pipes and boxes that divert emissions away from the engine, ensure your car's fuel economy is at an optimal level and reduce engine noise.

Whilst an issue with your exhaust system may not feel like a safety issue, it has been known for one or two customers (and their families) to be suffering from lethal carbon monoxide poisoning. This has been caused by emissions escaping the exhaust system and making it's way into the cabin.

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Fortunately we have the qualified technicians who can ensure your car is kept in tip-top condition. We can run emissions tests, check for leaks in your exhaust system and quickly diagnose issues that are presenting signs of a problem with your car exhaust.

Whether you have a faulty lambda sensor (causing your ECU to respond inappropriately elsewhere on the vehicle), you need a weld patch repair or you need to replace your exhaust system (in whole or in part), we're able to cater for your needs with our on-site facilities.

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Carbon monoxide poisoning, really?

Absolutely. Your car's exhaust is designed to take poisonous emissions from the front, to the back of your car, avoiding the cabin. A failure anywhere in the exhaust system has the potential to pass these emissions into the cabin.

If you smell something odd whilst driving, think very carefully about the impact that could be having on your health? Nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide (NOx) has been linked with cancer, heart and lung diseases.

We ourselves have known more than one customer to suffer from a mystery illness which doctors have struggled to diagnose for months. After a simple carbon monoxide check of their vehicle, we were quickly able to pinpoint the problem. The vehicle, owner and their families are all doing well!

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