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As your tyres are your only point of contact with the road, they are a hugely important factor in your safety when driving. Keeping an eye on tyre wear and picking the right tyre for your vehicle are both crucially important.

Not only are our tyre fitting prices almost impossible to beat, our mechnics can also help you to make the right choice of tyre for your car.

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When fitting new tyres, we'll also check your wheel balance, alignment and tyre pressures. This will ensure your tyres wear evenly - not only saving you money by increasing the life of your tyres but also keeping you safe by ensuring your tyres have the maximum contact surface with the road.

For just £48 inc VAT, you can also take advantage of the workshop's Laser Line alignment system. This enables us to align your front and rear wheels to within 0.05%. The Laser Line tool provides an even higher level of accuracy than mechanical alignment devices.

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When should I consider replacing my tyres?

Obviously you don't want to replace your tyres before you have to. Otherwise, you're throwing away your money. The legal limit for minimum depth of the tread on your tyres is 1.6mm, across the central three quarters of the tread. This should be the case around the complete circumference of the tyre.

For safety reasons, it is wise to replace your tyres before the legal limit is reached. Most car manufacturers suggest replacing your tyres when they reach 3mm of tread depth. At the legal limit in wet weather, it will take your car an extra two car lengths (that's usually around 8 metres) to stop from 50mph (compared to a 3mm tread depth).

Does this affect me when travelling abroad?

Yes. Whilst the legal limit for tyre tread depth in the UK is 1.6mm, across Europe the legal limit is actually 3mm. So if you are intending to take your car across The Channel, it's worth checking your tyre tread depth to avoid any on-the-spot fines.

You should also consider that countries in mainland Europe will impose "winter months" when all cars on public roads must be fitted with specific winter tyres.

If you are at all concerned by your tyre tread depth, please feel free to visit us and we'll check the tread and condition of your tyres without charge.

Does it matter what type of tyres I have fitted?

You have a legal requirement to ensure you don't fit tyres of different construction types (radial and cross-ply) on opposite sides of the same axle. Mixing tyre manufacturers and tread patterns (of the same construction type) may be allowed, depending on your vehice and your manufacturer's recommendation.

Does the quality or cost of tyre I have fitted matter?

Whilst the legal tread depth is not the only issue with an ageing tyre, the cracking of the side wall because of perished rubber can lead to a structural failure. Whilst this can happen with age, it is far more common with a poorer quality of rubber. This is the downside of tyres at the lower end of the market.

When having tyres fitted, it is worth checking that your tyre fitter is supplying EU certified tyres. This will ensure a minimum level of wet grip, noise and rolling resistance. You should also check you are not being palmed off with old stock which does not meet the EU standards (check the date stamp on the tyre side wall).

Why is wheel balancing important?

Balancing your wheel involves sticking small weights at certain points of your wheel to ensure the weight of the wheel is even as it turns. Poorly balanced wheels (when new tyres are fitted) will cause vibration and lead to premature tyre wear and problems for your suspension and braking components.

Can my tyre be repaired rather than replaced?

It is possible to repair a puncture rather than go to the expense of replacing the tyre completely. All decent garages will adhere to a British Standard for your safety (BSAU159f:1997). This defines limits to the location (i.e. the central band of the tyre or the side wall), size and number of repairs that may be carried out to any individual tyre, as well as the materials that should be used for the repair.

If your car tyre is beyond the legal tread limit, has aged or deteriorated rubber, damage to the bead (the edge of the tyre where it meets your wheel) or exposed cords (the structural element of your tyre), then a repair is not safe and you should be replacing your tyre.

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