Suspension and Shock Absorbers Maintenance and Servicing

Car suspension components serviced and maintained

Eliminate those squeaks, knocks and tracking issues with an inspected and maintained car suspension system

Your car's suspension system is designed to absorb the bumps and vibrations from our uneven road surfaces. The coil springs, shock absorbers and dampening components work together to provide a smooth ride, support your car's handling and keep you safe.

Suspension components tend to wear over time. This means you're far less likely to feel a difference until a part is at the end of its useful life. This is usually when those squeaks, knocks and tracking issues come to the surface. In the worse cases, your car may be more suseptible to understeer, handle poorly or (in an exteme case) roll over, if your suspension isn't performing properly.

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Did you know worn shock absorbers can add up to 2 meters on your car's stopping distance from 30mph? Worn suspension components can also decrease the useful life of your tyres due to tracking issues leading to uneven wear and descreased tread depth. This is especially true for 4x4s and vehicles used for towing or carrying heavier loads.

When you're in for an MOT or a car service, we will visually inspect your suspension for signs of wear, as well as other components commonly affected by poor suspension performance.

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How long can I ignore knocking or squeaky suspension noises?

Your car's suspension takes a pounding on a daily basis from pot holes, speed bumps, rain, snow, road salt, gravel and all sorts of dirt, grime and debris on the road. There's a knock-on affect on safety as damaged suspension parts will cause wear and tear to other vital components on your car - such as brakes and tyres.

This can seriously affect your car's handling and balance through corners. This is usually an early warning that something is about to go wrong. That's why it's so important you don't ignore any strange noises from your car's suspension components.

What are the common problems with suspension components?

The most likely issues will vary between the manufacturers, the size of vehicle you drive and whether it is front or rear wheel drive.

Shock absorbers contain fluid that passes through valves to smooth out the change in upwards and downwards direction of your suspension. This fluid can leak, causing your suspension's performance to deteriorate.

The coil springs that hold your car up can snag or break, resulting in one corner riding lower than the others. This will result in poorer handling and is a definite safety issue. There are also ball joints (connecting the suspension to the wheels) which take the shock of any impacts as your suspension moves up and down and steering moves left to right, passing this on to other suspension components. Our mechanics can check the joints for free play and wear markers before they start to squeak and creak.

Your car's wheels, steering components and chasis are joined together by control arms (essentially working like hinges). Bushings (made of rubber) and metal components can wear and control arms can be bent by severe impacts (like deep pot holes or repeatedly hitting curbs or speed bumps at speed). This will lead to clunks and rattles (due to loose components), uneven tyre wear and imprecise steering.

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