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Services for all makes and models, at a fair price, from an independent and honest team of car mechanics

We have a fully equipped workshop and qualified mechanics capable of carrying out all of the service tasks on your car's service schedule. With access to manufacturer's genuine parts (as well as aftermarket alternatives), we offer you access to factory trained mechanics at a fraction of the cost of a main dealer service.

Book your car service for just £99 +VAT Call us on 01932 240 222

We can customise your car's service to your particular needs or offer you one of our three structured car service packages. Our annual interim service is just £99 +VAT, whilst the full service is only £240 +VAT. Unlike other garages, our full service includes new pollen and fuel filters as standard. If you'd rather not replace these, the full car service will only cost you £199 +VAT.

Great service, thanks guys. Love the fact you sent me photos of my worn parts. Thorough checks and very reassuring.

Good Garage Scheme

What's included in the car service packages?

Annual Interim Service (£99 +VAT)

Our interim car service will usually take about an hour and will include a 102 point vehicle check to make sure everything is ship-shape. As standard, we'll change your engine oil, oil filter and sump washer. We'll also test your battery, check your brake and clutch fluid levels (your brake and clutch fluids will be tested for signs of water absorption). If your screen wash is low, we'll top that up too. If we find any issues from our full vehicle check, we'll take photos of any wear and tear, before giving you some options for whatever may be required. If your car is serviced at the correct intervals, there shouldn't be any major surprises.

Full Car Service (£199-240 +VAT)

As with the interim service, you'll get new engine oil, oil filter and sump washer. We'll not only top up your screen wash, but also your coolant, brake fluid and clutch fluid. We'll fit new air, fuel and pollen filters, as well as new spark plugs. Your car service includes our 102 point vehicle check, battery test, chassis and brake service. To make sure there are no hidden issues, we'll run an On Board Diagnostic (OBD) check - that's mechanic's jargon to say we'll scan your car's computer for error codes and diagnose any related issues.

All of this is included for £240 +VAT. Many garages will not fit new fuel and pollen filters as standard, so it's worth checking what's included in your service when comparing prices. If you'd prefer not to have new fuel and pollen filters, the annual car service price is reduced to £199 +VAT.

Why should I consider changing additional filters during my car service?

Pollen filter

The air you breathe in your car passes through the pollen filter. It minimises the dust, fluff and bacteria in the air inside your car as well as maximising the efficiency and speed of your window demisting. A fresh pollen filter will also avoid unpleasant odours caused by stale pollen and bacteria in your ventilation system. Most car manufacturer service schedules highlight the need to frequently replace your pollen filter, but many independent garages don't routinely change these as it enables them to keep the headline cost of their service packages down (a false economy). At Sandy Lane Garage, we give you the option.

Fuel filter

Fuel filters will catch nasty deposits and inpurities that can build up in your fuel tank. The filters don't cost a huge amount and they'll increase your fuel economy as well as the life of your fuel injectors. These can cost a huge amount more than a fuel filter (usually £250-£450+). An effective fuel filter will prevent your injectors from failing or blocking your fuel system, saving you from a nasty surprise in the future.

What happens if you find a problem with my car during a service?

We'll make the necessary checks to ensure your car isn't suffering from any unreasonable wear and tear. Your safety is our first concern. But don't worry, we won't set about replacing any parts without your approval.

If you've left your car with us, we'll take photos of any problems we uncover. These are automatically uploaded to our website and accessible via a personalised link which we'll send you via email so you can see any issues for yourself. After costing up original manufacturer replacement parts or cheaper and equally as good aftermarket alternatives, we'll give you a call to run through your options. Only then will we carry out any further work to your car. Most parts can be delivered the same day to reduce any delays.

Whilst we're working on your car, we'll also highlight visible parts that may be nearing the end of their useful life, but don't pose any issue for the immediate future. This helps you to predict future service costs and avoid any nasty surprises later on down the line.

There's an issue with my car but I don't know what it is

We understand why car owners can be hesitant when approaching a garage without a known diagnosis for their car's problem. We've heard many stories of escalating diagnosis fees where a mechanic lacks the expertise to find the issue and sets about replacing dozens of parts in a trial and error approach (an expensive approach for the customer).

We propose a more simple approach. We'll dedicate an hour of your mechanic's time (much cheaper than a main dealer hourly rate) and full use of our diagnostics tools (matching the tools in a main dealer workshop). If we can find and fix the problem in less than an hour, we'll only charge you for the time required (plus any agreed costs for parts). If the problem in hand poses a bigger challenge, we'll give you a ring and talk you through the options. We'll clearly explain each option and give you our recommendations in plain English.

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